The Radius Foundation seeks new ways of exploring and understanding dissimilar conceptual systems or paradigms—scientific, religious, philosophical, and aesthetic—with the aim of achieving a worldview of more penetrating insight and richer innovation. A Forum For Different Views Through publications, conferences, projects, educational media, and the internet, the Radius Foundation serves as a forum for creative […]

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Below is a sampling of the projects sponsored by the Radius...

KNOW YOURSELF: A Workbook for Self-Discovery by Terry Moore

This guided journal will help you work through insights about the world, the Real, and yourself by using the most easily available informative thing you have at hand: your own experience. It presents a series of self-exploratory topics about everyday life such as happiness, how to deal with problems and emotions, and why you react […]

Pattern ABC

The Pattern Alphabet Pilot in Tanzania tested the way nature builds as a preschool learning tool. Spatial reasoning is equal to verbal and math as a cognitive ability, and yet we have no system to learn it as we do with language and numbers. Here is a 10 minute video featuring the system, the students, […]

The Rediscovery of Islamic Pattern Genius

The Rediscovery of Islamic Pattern Genius: An Integrated Exploration of the Geometrical, Cosmological, and Cultural Meaning of Five- and Ten-Fold Symmetry in Traditional Islamic Design In 2007 Peter Lu and Paul Steinhardt demonstrated that the tiling on a 15th century shrine in Isfahan was an example of a quasicrystalline pattern, a geometrical structure that was […]


Grants Application Guidelines The Radius Foundation, Inc. is a small foundation, and as we invest time and resources in each of our grantees, we consider only grant proposals that we have solicited. Please make initial contact through our website or our mailing address. Initial contact should be a one-page letter that includes: the objective of […]