The Radius Foundation seeks new ways of exploring and understanding dissimilar conceptual systems or paradigmsscientific, religious, philosophical, and aestheticwith the aim of achieving a worldview of more penetrating insight and richer innovation.

A Forum For Different Views

Through publications, conferences, projects, educational media, and the internet, the Radius Foundation serves as a forum for creative dialogue among different views, forms of thought, and modes of perception.

Seeking Understanding

Our approach is to attempt to combine open-mindedness with intellectual rigor and discernment. The Radius Foundation seeks to create better understanding of traditional, classical, and modern worldviews.

Fostering Communication Of Ideas

The Radius Foundation is a registered nonprofit foundation, 501(c)3, that develops and fosters dialogue and the communication of ideas. It is not a spiritual sect, not a political-action group, not a single-cause institution. We are simply interested in overcoming limitations to understanding and communication, and involved in sharing multiple ways of knowing.